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Products > Wall Washer > > LED Wall Washer
Product name : LED Wall Washer
Product No. : YS114
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In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. The facade lighting does not only help to localize buildings and provide security, it also plays a key role in the architectural expression. while the linear wall washer is widely used in facade lighting area. 

YS114 type LED wall washer with simple and elegant design, Aluminum body with exterior grade anodizing,body color are customized according to project request.

Sturdy housing with dimension W99*H60mm. maximum cooling management. Watt as much as 180w per meter.

Monochomatic and RGB RGBW option,Equipped with Ledlink optical lens. With various color and view angle. DMX512 control system.Fully meet architects unique three-dimensional illumination idea and vision.


Watt: 54W 128W 150W 180W

Voltage: AC100-277V. DC24V

Light source: Osram , CREE
Color: monochomatic and RGB RGBW option.
Beam Angles: 15° 30° 45° 60° 10*60° 10*40° 20*60°

Material: Extruded anodized aluminium 6063 aluminum with tempered glass
Connection: End to end snap in/male and female, no junction box
Waterproof: IP67 rated.

Download Specification Sheets

Mechanical part

Available in standard length 1000mm with customized length. And view angle 15° 30° 45°  60° 10*60° 10*40° 20*60° optical lens. Optically clear tempered glass lens ( no yellowing over time ).

Extrude aluminum body fit discretely into almost any layout, from simple to elaborate. Linear graze provides years of reliable use under rugged conditions.

Convenient push and click connectors let you easily and rapidly install leader cables and jumper cables. Adjustable bracket offer simple and consistent position control from various angles. 

Customizable accessories. Customize your graze luminaire with a choice of mounting arm( Back mounting and side mounting). Masking shield, and graze louver.

H05FN-F cable 50cm TUV VDE 500V

Surface finish options

Anodic oxidation: Good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weatherability, Hard and strong

Powder coated: Any color RAL available, Good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, UV-stabilized, German GSB and European QUALICOAT stanards

PDVF/Fluorine carbon painting: Design for marine application, Anti-fading, Anti frosting, Air pollution resistance, Crack resistance, UV-Stabilized

Condensation prevention: Ventilation gland which minimizes the risk of condensation inside the fixture.


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