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Products > Wall Washer > > led facade lighting
Product name : led facade lighting
Product No. : YS115
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led facade lighting luminaires change the style of buildings and structures at night. 

Watt:48*1w 48*2w 48*3w 54*1w 54*2w
Color: Monochomatic White Red Blue Green Amber Yellow RGB RGBW RGBA 
Voltage:AC100-240V. DC24V
Light source: Osram Philips Cree Nichia 
Material:Extrude aluminum with tempered glass 
Connection:End to end snap in/male and female

Aluminum body with exterior grade anodizing
Through wiring for end to end connection via snap-in connectors . no junction box
Various lengths are available with a wide choice of optic sizes.
Monochomatic color and RGB RGBW for selection
Led pitch is maintained within and between luminaries . no dark spots between fixture
Adjustable bracket . so customer can try and get an best angle on installation.
Waterproof IP67 rated.

Complete glare control
The light source is recessed into the body to provide a primary level of glare control. To give a further level of protection a louvre makes it incredibly comfortable to view in any environment. 
Global application
Suitable for wall grazing on building facades and surroundings, and highlighting objects in the public realm. They are suitable for outdoor applications with IP67 protection and for ambient environments up to 50°C.

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