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Products > Inground lighting > > Led wall mounted
Product name : Led wall mounted
Product No. : YS401B
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Product Description
Functional lighting guarantees the adequate quantity of light required for comfort and to ensure the safe use of exterior areas, such as car parks, entranceways, passageways and paths. Diffused lighting is usually preferred to guarantee evenness in lighting all areas and surfaces. Access routes must be properly lit and direct or indirect glare should be avoided by performing thorough light engineering tests. It is therefore essential to assess the triangulation between an observer, the light source and reflective surface.

Aluminum Casting
ADC12 aluminum hight pressure die casting provides excellent mechanical strength . Clean product lines and excellent heat dissipation . 
UV stablized Powder coated ensure it can withstand harsh environments . 
Provided hardware is 304 stainless steel . 
Silicon gasket
Provided with special injection mold. Long life and maintains the gaskets seal over years of use and compression .
Thermal management
Die cast aluminum is used for excellent mechanical strength and thermal dissipation in low and high ambient temperatures .  Ensure maximum lumious flux output .as well as providing long led service life .
Surge suppression
Standard 10kv surge suppressor provided with all fixtures .
Screw holes
Tapped holes are infused with an special anti seize compound design to prevent seizure of threaded connections . Due to electrolysis from heat corrosive atmospheres and moisture .
Precise optic design provides exceptional light control and precise distribution of light . CRI 80
Low profile . Flush to wall asethetics with no visible hardware
High color rendering index CRI for true color
H05RN-7  3*0.75mm3 power cable
IP67 rated for wet locations 

YS401B 1W       DC24V White Red Green Blue Amber D35*H50mm  45°          IP67 IK08
YS401C 3W       DC24V White Red Green Blue Amber D35*H60mm  45°          IP67 IK08

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