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Products > Spot Lighting > > Outdoor spotlight RGB led
Product name : Outdoor spotlight RGB led
Product No. : YS201B
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Featuring superior led technology outdoor spotlight is an pioneer in contemporary façade lighting. An ideal solution for illuminating facades from various distance and for highlighting details. One of the most versatile floodlight available on the market. With narrow beam. Middle beam and wide beam angle optical lens. Durable and resistance CNC aluminum

Colors White Blue Green Red RGB
Beam angle Narrow Middle Wide
Dimension L201*W151*H142mm
Mounting Bolt or screw directly to surface .
Operating voltage DC24V 
Finish Silver finished aluminum
Housing material Aluminum
Ambient operaint temp - 22°F to 122°F 
IP rating IP67 wet location
Fixture connectors Male and female connect
Warranty 3 years

PN#         Color         View angle                  Watt Dimension        Voltage
YS201B  RGB/Mono colored Narrow Wide Elliptical   24w   L201*W151*H142mm DC24V 
Application adaptability
A wide range of lighting applications including flood lighting, spot lighting, wall grazing and wall washing. 
Design flexibility 
Each luminaire contains either one, two, or three heads that can be aimed independently of each other. This empowers lighting designers to utilize multiple applications and beam direction in a single luminaire. 
Flexible field-installed accessories for glare control and mounting allow easy project customization. Choose from a full line of high-quality accessories from spread lenses, a louver, glare shields, a rock guard for all luminaries 
High punch 
Optical system enables the layering of precise high quality light, increased application efficacy is realized as a result of high illuminace source,
Provides years of reliable use under rugged conditions. Raises reliability even further with more protection from corrosion by ASTM B117  ANSI C136.31-2010 standard with a 3G vibration rating, and elimination of water pooling on main cover lens and accessories

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