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Product name : Roadway and tunnel lighting
Product No. : 2017522161053
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LED Tunnel luminaire is ideal for efficient lighting of low speed tunnel as well as underpasses.parking garages and industrial areas.
High performance optics and a high CRI light source create a safe environment for traffic with uniform light.
Greatly reduced dazzle and improved visibility.

Die cast aluminum housing 
Pre-treated and powder-coated to meet industry standards
Design protects internal components and provides excellent
thermal management for long life

Input voltage:100-277vac  50-60hz
Power factor:>0.9
Harmonic distortion THD<20%
Active power correction

High power LED Philips SMD3030
Luminaire efficacy up to 100lm/w
No UV or IR light radiation
Asymmetrical light patterns
Optimized heat management system
Choice of optics

Adheres to LM79 LM80 and TM21 industrial standards
IK08 rating.1000 hours salt mist test

Wet locations listed
Perimeter lighting 
Tunnel lighting
Bay lighting
Industrial lighting
Factory lighting

5 year warranty Terms and conditions apply

PN#                 Power      Lumen      Input voltage  PF     CCT             CRI     Efficiency   LED
YSTL090150C    50w       5000lm     100-277vac    0.9    2700-6000k   80     100lm/w     Philips SMD3030
YSTL0901100C  100w      10000lm   100-277vac    0.9    2700-6000k   80     100lm/w     Philips SMD3030
YSTL0901150C  150w      15000lm   100-277vac    0.9    2700-6000k   80     100lm/w     Philips SMD3030
YSTL0901200C  200w      20000lm   100-277vac    0.9    2700-6000k   80     100lm/w     Philips SMD3030
YSTL0901300C  250w      25000lm   100-277vac    0.9    2700-6000k   80     100lm/w     Philips SMD3030
YSTL0901400C  300w      30000lm   100-277vac    0.9    2700-6000k   80     100lm/w     Philips SMD3030

IP         Beam angle                 Material        Lifespan             Warranty
IP65    60° 90° and 60*150°    Aluminum     50000hrs L70     5 years

Read and follow all safety instructions

1. To avoid the possibility of electrical shock . Turn off power supply before installation or servicing . 
Installation and servicing should be performed by qualified personnel.

2. Product must be installed in accordance with your local electrical code . If you are not familiar with these codes and requirements.
consult a qualified electrian.

3.Do not change the structure or any commponents of the fixture to ensure safety.

4. Lock the installation angle after luminaire installed .Tighten bracket screws on both sides. 
Luminaire installation angle will be fixed by the lock gear

Electric connection

a. Connect input ground conductor to green wire position of the terminal block or ground conductor of led driver

b. Connect input voltage conductor to brown wire position of the terminal block or line conductor of led driver

c. Connect input neutral conductor to blue wire position of the terminal block or neutral conductor of led driver.

Make sure all exess input wires are pushed into pole. Screws are tightened.

Close cover by firmly pushing cover towards fixture. Making sure that no wires are pinched and sealing gasket are fully engaged

Input cable should be at least H05RN-F 3*1mm SJTW 18AWG or outdoor grade cable with rubber sheathed . The cable must have 
a minimum cross sectional area of 1.0mm 18AWG

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