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Product name : Floodlights spots outdoor LED luminaires
Product No. : 2017521115824
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Power : 70W 100W LED
Colour : 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K , Black/Grey Finish
Ingress Protection   : IP65
Voltage : 120VAC  240VAC
Lumen output : 80-90lm/w  ±10%

The mains supply must always be isolated prior to installation. The overall electrical installation must conform to the relevant 
regulations.  All installation must be carried out by qualified electricians.

Electrical products can cause death or injury, or damage to property.  This product should be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Please install the luminaire as described below:
1. Turn off the power prior to installation.
2. Check the power is off using a non-contact voltage testing pen.
3. Remove the rear mounting bracket of the light by removing the two nuts on the side of the fitting.
4. Mount the bracket as desired to the wall or surface. 
5. Screw the bracket into the wall by using the appropriate method (wall plugs, plasterboard screws… etc.) according to the material       
6. Connect the wires in the correct manner. Where (17th edition states that) Brown = Live, Blue = Neutral, and Green/Yellow = Earth. 
7. Double check the wires have been correctly connected.
8. Fix the light onto the mounting bracket and fasten using the nuts that originally held the fitting to the bracket.
9. Turn on the power and test to see if the light is correctly working

General information:

This product should be fitted by a competent electrician.
Do not clean using any solvent based or abrasive, aggressive product.
Max working temperature is 45C.


Disconnect the power before maintenance.
The lens and fitting can be cleaned by using a soft, moist, lint free cloth.

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