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Products > LED inground light > > Walkover driveover ground light
Walkover driveover ground light
Walkover driveover ground light Walkover driveover ground light Walkover driveover ground light Walkover driveover ground light
Product name : Walkover driveover ground light
Product No. : 2017519215812
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Walkover driveover ground light constructed with CNC lathe aluminum with stainless teel bezel , supplied plastic sleeve for mounting in concrete , suitable for decking and stonework .

Product Description
A wide range of inground uplights with a choice of round or square stainless steel trim . Asymmetric or Symmetric option . Is design for illuminating shopping and and pedestrian areas . Parks .gardens and sculptures . This low glare luminarie is provided with an 8mm thick tempered glass and is rated as a walkover luminarie .  the glass has a special wrap around high temperature silicon gascket that provide additional ingress protection . Low copper contect die-cast aluminum housing with high corrosion resistance . Stainless steel fasteners in grade 304 . Power is provided through a signle PG9 watertight cable gland . Standard recessing box in high density polyethylene included . 

Aluminum casing
6063 CNC lathe aluminum provides excellent mechanical strength . Clean product lines and excellent heat dissipation

UV stablized Powder coated ensure it can withstand harsh environments
Provided hardware is 304 stainless steel .
Silicon gasket
Provided with special injection mold. Long life and maintains the gaskets seal over years of use and compression .
Thermal management
6063 CNC lathe aluminum is used for excellent mechanical strength and thermal dissipation in low and high ambient temperatures .  Ensure maximum lumious flux output .
as well as providing long led service life .
Surge suppression
Standard 10kv surge suppressor provided with all fixtures .
Screw holes
Tapped holes are infused with an special anti seize compound design to prevent seizure of threaded
connections . Due to electrolysis from heat corrosive atmospheres and moisture .
Stainless steel 304 round or square trim
Precise optic design provides exceptional light control and precise distribution of light . Asymmetric or Symmetric .

6063 CNC lathe aluminum body and stainless steel trim . Impact resistant glass .IP65
AC120V AC240V DC24V . Multi-voltage . DMX512 .
All power and data connections to be down threw stainless steel gland nut provided with the fixture . 
Maxium 50000hrs depending upon the ambient temperature of installation location . 
Driver over capability 1300kgs  vehicle weight . 

PN#         Trim Option  Watt   Color    DIMENSION     DEGREE         IP
YS3DRS61W Round Symmetric 6*1w W/R/G/B/A D160*H102mm 15°/30°/45°/60° IP65 IK08
YS3DRS62W Round Symmetric 6*2w W/R/G/B/A D160*H102mm 15°/30°/45°/60° IP65 IK08
YS3DRS62RGB Round Symmetric 6*2w RGB RGB 3IN1 D160*H102mm 15°/30°/45°/60° IP65 IK08
YS3DRA61W Round Asymmetric 6*1w W/R/G/B/A D160*H102mm 15°/30°/60°   IP65 IK08
YS3DRA62W Round Asymmetric 6*2w W/R/G/B/A D160*H102mm 15°/30°/60°   IP65 IK08
YS3DRA62RGB Round Asymmetric 6*2w RGB RGB 3IN1 D160*H102mm 15°/30°/60°   IP65 IK08


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