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flood light
flood light flood light flood light
Product name : flood light
Product No. : 2017519155225
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Note : There is many more options . Up to 108w with bigger dimension . Pls check with our sales if any demand !
Beam Spreads : The model is available in an 5° 10° 30° 60° degree beam spread .
Color&Light output: Utilizes High power LED array in white red blue green amber RGB and RGBW .
Power: Operate on 24VDC  using transformers . A wide range transformers are available in 120v and 277v primary .
Lifespan: Long life LEDs eliminate maintenance and replacement expenses.
Mounting&Adjusting:  The installer located and fastens the mount clip.
Operating temperature: Minimum and maxiumum ambient air temperatures around this luminarie shall not exceed - 22°F to 122°F . Any application
should also take into consideration air flow and ventilation to ensure performance and reliability .
Colors White Blue Green Red Amber RGB RGBW
Beam angle 5° 10° 30° 60°
Photometrics 75-85lm/w based on led manufacture specification
Mounting Bolt or screw directly to surface .
        M4 mounting holes on each side
Operating voltage DC24V
Finish Silver finished aluminum
Housing material Aluminum
Ambient operaint temp - 22°F to 122°F
IP rating IP65 wet location
Fixture connectors Male and female connect
Warranty 2 years
PN#         Color         View angle Watt         Dimension                 Voltage
YSHPS02181W White/Mono colored 5° 10° 30° 60° 18*1w L230*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02182W White/Mono colored 5° 10° 30° 60° 18*2w L230*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02182RGB RGB 5° 10° 30° 60° 18pcs RGB 3IN1 L230*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02241W White/Mono colored 5° 10° 30° 60° 24*1w L230*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02242W White/Mono colored 5° 10° 30° 60° 24*2w L280*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02242RGB RGB/RGBW 5° 10° 30° 60° 24pcs RGBW 3IN1 4IN1      L280*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02361W White/Mono colored 5° 10° 30° 60° 36*1w 330*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02362W White/Mono colored 5° 10° 30° 60° 36*2w L330*W160*H167mm DC24V 
YSHPS02362RGB RGB/RGBW 5° 10° 30° 60° 36pcs RGBW 3IN1 4IN1 L330*W160*H167mm DC24V 

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