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Product name : Commercial Exterior Lighting
Product No. : YS207B
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Façade lighting Led Spotlight with glare shield
High performance exterior luminaire with intelligent white and colorfule light. Boost output and flexibility to meet the most demanding white and color lighting applications.Create memories with architectural lighting. Transform your building into a beacon of professionalism with attractive lighting.

Optical lens
Integrated the latest LED innovations. Custom optics with a wide range of new accessory options, 15° 30° 45° 60° and 10*40° asymmetric beam angles. Plus the option to combine a louver, glare shield, create new aesthetic possibilities for designers and architects. 

Light source
Features an innovative, redesigned optical system that improves the quality of light from each LED, enhancing the color uniformity and color mixing capabilities of each luminaire. 

Glare shield
Choose an half glare shields, to eliminating the light polution and for anti-glare performance. 

Features extremly uniform illumination providing smooth walls of light, improves color consistency between all led luminaries. 

Providing years of reliable use under rugged conditions. Corrosion with protection ASTM B117 ANSI C136.31-2010 standard with an 3G 
vibration rating.  

Optical data 
Led expected lifetime    50,000hrs 
Light source   18pcs
Optional half glare shield
Beam angles   8° 15° 30° 45° 60° and 10*40° asymmetric

Color options Grey color or  Custom color 
Corrosion class  ASTM B117
IP Class  IP67
Material Die cast aluminum+Tempered glass
Net dimension D183*H104mm
Tilt locking system bolts and angle indicator
Tilt    0-180°

Ac power nominal  100-240v 50/60hz 
Electrical protection  overload protection with automatic recover 
Power consumption 18w 36w 40w 
Power factor 0.9PF 
Power supply unit Inbuilt IP67
Protocal USITT DMX512A RDM

Installation mounting point  
Thermal cooling active forced air, temperature-regulated 
Humidity max 98%
Temperature range operating -40 to 50°C
Temperature range start up -20 to 50°C 
Temperature range storage -40 to 80°C


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