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LED flat panel ceiling lights
Product name : LED flat panel ceiling lights
Product No. : 2017522175925
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Aluminum heat sink – large surface area for rapid heat dissipation
PET film – on the back of light guide
Light panel guide – unique optical to improved uniformity
High transmission diffuser – excellent glare control 
Ultra slim aluminum frame sleek
Lightweight design

Color:Cool white.Warm white.Nature white.
Mercury free.No IR UV radiation. Good heat management.
No spot or shadow.High uniformity.
Variety of installtion.fixed onto the ceiling with screws.suspend with wires.or recessed into existing 
ceiling channel.
Epistar SMD2835 LED 
Dimmable ( Triac.1-10v.Dali ) Emergency option.
Working voltage:DC36-42v. 
Warranty : 3 years .
Safety standard: CE ROHS LVD EMC.

PN#                      Power  Size       Dimension
YSPL303024RSC      24w    1ft by 1ft     295*295mm
YSPL306024RSC      24w    1ft by 2ft     295*595mm
YSPL306032RSC      32w    1ft by 2ft     295*595mm
YSPL606036RSC      36w    2ft by 2ft     595*595mm
YSPL606048RSC      48w    2ft by 2ft     595*595mm
YSPL626248RSC      48w    2ft by 2ft     620*620mm
YSPL301248RSC      48w    1ft by 4ft     295*1195mm
YSPL601248RSC      72w    2ft by 4ft     595*1195mm

Attention on Installation:
1. Panel lights should be installed by trained electronic technician.
2. Please check all the accessories when open the cartons.
3. The distance between the light and any flammable materials must be more than 0.2m. The distance between the upper part of
the installed light and the 
ceiling must not be less than 2 cm. Don not install into ceilings or walls that contain heat source.
The main cable must not connect with the low voltage
cable or the surface-mounted lights.
4. Guide the lights' connecting cables through the drilled hole, and fix the surface-mounted lights with the pre-fitted clips.
Make sure that these are securely 
connected to the base material.
5. When laying the cables, make sure that the cables and plugs are not subjected to any tensile or twisting forces. Do not kink cables.
Output cables
should be laid separately and at a distance from other cables.
6. After installation, connect the transformer to the mains supply
7. Proceed by connecting the wiring cables to the lights. Usually, the brown (or black) wire is the Live wire, connect it with the terminal
marked "L". The blue
wire is Naughty wire; connect it with the terminal marked "N".
8. Use the dedicated LED drivers only, do not connect to other loads
9. Do not remove the label of the lights and drivers.
Notes on Using:
1. Please always use the light out of its package.
2. Before starting use of the light, please check if the light was damaged during transportation. If any damage shown, please DO not install or use it.
3. Any maintenance should be performed by trained professionals only.
4. Keep packaging material away from the reach of children and pets.
5. Caution: Keep children away from the lights, there are some small components that may be swallowed by children, and never allow them
to play with
electronical devices.
6. Try to avoid looking directly at lights for a long time. Do not shine the LED light in another person's eyes.
7. Never cover the lights by other objects
8. Keep the panel light away from the flames or heat sources.  
9. The lights should be inspected repaired or special treatment if beyond service time.
10. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and maintain the products. We have the right not to provide after-sale service if
disassembly and maintenance happens to the products.
1. Before to clearing the panel lights, please make sure it have been powered OFF.
2. Use a dry or slightly moistened cloth for cleaning.
3. Never use any chemicals or abrasives for cleaning.

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